Star Wars Mighty Muggs Chewbacca

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Chewbacca
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Star Wars

Star Wars
Since 1977, fans the world over have been after Star Wars merchandise. Today, dozens of companies make thousands of items all over the world, and FireFallGames is proud to bring you the absolute best of them

Call it a mood swing, or call it a mood spin, with Star Wars Mighty Muggs, heads are going to turn literally. This Chewbacca Mighty Muggs figure features a push-and-turn mechanism so that when kids and fans continue pressing the button, they will send the Wookie's head spinning. With three different expressions and a elegant character design that will have collectors doing a triple take, Star Wars Mighty Muggs send mood swings on the upswing. Additional Mighty Muggs figures each sold separately.