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Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad - 2 Pack - Ankylosaurs & Pterodactyl

Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad - 2 Pack - Ankylosaurs & Pterodactyl
Our Price:  £12.00

Model:  winkA6-298823
Bar Code:  5010993483457
Brand:  Chomp Squad



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Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad Construction Crew

Little explorers can pretend to chomp, stomp, and save the day in the world of dinosaurs with the Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad figures!

Rescue missions in Chomp Valley can sometimes get out of hand, leaving quite the mess to clean up. Little dino lovers can imagine lending a helping hand in the repair with the Chomp Squad Construction Crew!

Pretend to haul away debris with the Pterodactyl figure (Skyhook) and its retractable hook, or use the Ankylosaurus (Water Whipper) figure's tail to launch its water projectile, and mix cement to patch up the valley

Includes 2 figures, 2 pieces of removable gear, 1 accessory, and 1 projectile

Pterodactyl and ankylosaurus figures
Pterodactyl figure features a retractable hook
Ankylosaurus figure features a removable storage tank
Ankylosaurus figure launches 1 projectile

Figure scale: 2.5 inches

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