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Uglydoll Kiss Wage 'The Spaceman' 28cm

Uglydoll Kiss Wage 'The Spaceman' 28cm
Our Price:  £12.00

Model:  winkK18-3984894
Bar Code:  DNA
Brand:  Uglydoll



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Welcome to the Uglydoll universe where "ugly" means unique and different, and celebrating who you are inside and out is the new beautiful.KISS! The entire Uglyverse has been rockin to KISS for ages, like, since the 70's. They want to have a KISS party with you! Smoke machines, funky lights, amazing magical guitar solos, and a HUGE buffet backstage. Man, did you know rock stars get all kinds of food and treats backstage? Deli sandwiches, bagels, the whole run. Wage is one with the Spaceman.... If you think about it, we are all from a planet in deep outer space! Please hand Wage a guitar and watch the magic happen. (please do so indoors in case the guitar levitates.) Height: 10cm. Item is hand washable, CE marked and suitable from age 1+.

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