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Do you have any Special Offers/Clearance Lines available?


We do have special offers on the internet site but these are only applicable if you order them over the internet. Special offers are subject to availability and can be removed without prior notice.



I wish to cancel my order?


Your order can be cancelled within 7 working days from the date the order was placed, however cancellation is unavailable following successful dispatch of your goods. We will require confirmation via the telephone or e-mail that you wish to cancel your order.



What is your Returns Policy?


We do not accept goods back for a refund outside 7 days unless the goods are proven to be faulty or have a manufacturing defect. Refunds will be credited back to customers within 30 working days following receipt of goods. Return postage will NOT be refunded; all items returned will be at the customers cost. Unfortunately Clearance/Sale items cannot be returned for refund.


We would ask you to ensure this number is on the outside of the returned parcel.


When will my Credit/Debit card be debited?


All orders received by Internet, post, phone, fax are processed and the funds cleared, straight away regardless of stock availability. Should goods not be available due to discontinued manufacture, a full refund will be given.






I live in the Channel Islands, do I have to pay VAT?


Customers will pay prices stated on our website, and published adverts - we add no additional taxes/VAT.



I do not have a Credit/Debit Card, can somebody else pay on my behalf?


We accept payment via Cheque or Postal Order, however these cannot be processed via our website, and must be posted - please call us for more information.




Do you accept foreign currency as payment?


Orders are charged in British Pound sterling, you may pay internationally via Credit/Debit Card, or a UK Cheque/Postal Order. Your transaction will be charged at current exchange rates.





My Parcel has arrived damaged, what should I do?


It is the customer’s responsibility to check the order on arrival. Please do not sign for goods until the contents has been checked, mistakes cannot be rectified later. If in the unlikely circumstances a damaged package/goods do arrive please contacts us straight away so we can sort the problem out as quickly as possible for you.



Do you offer a Gift Wrap service?


Unfortunately we do not presently offer a Gift Wrap service. We take great care to ensure that all orders are despatched in perfect condition . Packaging may feature illustrations that may perhaps give away a potential present - important if the order is a surprise!



I use a BFPO Address, do I have to pay more for British Forces delivery?


Delivery charges can vary as we at present have no contract with Mill Hill - therefore orders will be sent directly. There may be a small additional charge dependent on the weight of goods ordered,we will send you an email should this be the case.



I live in Northern Ireland - are UK specific Shipping Costs applicable to me?


Northern Ireland is unfortunately not part of the UK Mainland, therefore shipping costs may exceed standard costs - please contact us for more information.

Are my personal and credit card details safe when I order over the internet.

Yes, we have a secure site with high level encryption with secure SSL transactions.

New Arrivals
Mcfarlane DC Multiverse Moden Comic Joker

Mcfarlane DC Multiverse Moden Comic Joker£24.00

Schleich African Elephant Female

Schleich African Elephant Female£7.90

Schleich Cryolophosautus

Schleich Cryolophosautus£14.00

Schleich Grizzly Bear Mother with Cub

Schleich Grizzly Bear Mother with Cub£10.00

Schleich Therizinosaurus Juvenile

Schleich Therizinosaurus Juvenile£14.00

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack£16.00

Ricky Zoom Bike Buddies

Ricky Zoom Bike Buddies£17.00

Ricky Zoom Launch and Go

Ricky Zoom Launch and Go£12.00

Harry Potter Scrabble

Harry Potter Scrabble£34.00

Please Feed the Pandas

Please Feed the Pandas£20.00



Tumblin Monkeys Sloths

Tumblin Monkeys Sloths£20.00

Uno Showdown

Uno Showdown£20.00



Articulate Phrases

Articulate Phrases£38.00

Articulate Your Life

Articulate Your Life£34.00

Articulated Fame

Articulated Fame£20.00

Barbie Princess Adventure Feature Horse

Barbie Princess Adventure Feature Horse£60.00

Hide & Squeak 2 in 1 Load and Go Plane

Hide & Squeak 2 in 1 Load and Go Plane£15.00

Hide and Squeak Bright Chicks

Hide and Squeak Bright Chicks£10.00

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Set

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Set£10.00

National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

National Geographic Volcano Science Kit£10.00

PJ Masks Night Time Micros Blind Bag Asst 2

PJ Masks Night Time Micros Blind Bag Asst 2£3.00  -  £68.00

Seasick Sam

Seasick Sam£23.00

Tomy 2 in 1 Eggventure Train

Tomy 2 in 1 Eggventure Train£22.00

Hey Duggee Squishy Huggy Duggy Plush

Hey Duggee Squishy Huggy Duggy Plush£17.00

Marvel Legends Mar-vell

Marvel Legends Mar-vell£20.00

Marvel X-Men Legends Wild Child

Marvel X-Men Legends Wild Child£20.00

Marvel X-Men Legends X-Man

Marvel X-Men Legends X-Man£20.00

Spiderman Titan Spider-Man

Spiderman Titan Spider-Man£14.00

Crayola Frozen 2 Colour Wonder

Crayola Frozen 2 Colour Wonder£8.00

Disneu Princess Comfy Sweet Treats Truck

Disneu Princess Comfy Sweet Treats Truck£54.00

Frozen 2 Anna Doll

Frozen 2 Anna Doll£15.00

Frozen 2 Deluxe Anna Styling Head

Frozen 2 Deluxe Anna Styling Head£37.00

Frozen 2 Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa

Frozen 2 Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa£45.00

Hairdorables Dolls Assortment 5

Hairdorables Dolls Assortment 5£15.00

Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Doll Series 2

Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Doll Series 2£25.00

Marvel Legends Avengers Rage

Marvel Legends Avengers Rage£20.00

Marvel Legends Mach-1

Marvel Legends Mach-1£20.00

Marvel Legends Marvels Leader

Marvel Legends Marvels Leader£20.00

Marvel Legends Spymaster

Marvel Legends Spymaster£20.00

Marvel Legends X-men Weapon X

Marvel Legends X-men Weapon X£20.00

Star Wars 40th Anniversary E5 ATAT Driver

Star Wars 40th Anniversary E5 ATAT Driver£20.00

Star Wars C-3PO X Barbie Doll

Star Wars C-3PO X Barbie Doll£150.00